Monday, 23 April 2012

The Voice

I spent some time with Sunil Chandy on Saturday in the Blue Mountain Café We talked about his projects for music and sound, using voice, Scripture-reading, multi-media, exploring new ways to facilitate worship, away from stereo-type ‘worship music’, searching for what will include everyone, and bridge the elite-arty versus everyday-congregational divide.

It reminded me of some tracks by Sparky [Peter Lawrence] at Forest Hill Community Church: beats backing a poem and a sampling of sermons with ambient tracks

Then I thought of Cyril Guerette, AKA ‘ILL Seer’, Pastor of Toronto Free Church [where my son Mike has attended while in Toronto on a year’s study experience from Warwick Uni]. He’s released a CD of rap-based poetic-prophetic calls to worship, prayers, intercessions, and liturgies

Experimenting with voice, scripture, sound – music, multimedia. Fresh incarnation of our praise, centred on Christ taking flesh, this earthly stuff [Sunil’s point]. Like Port Blue sampling noises, cutting-splicing creating music Immanence - the way to transcendence.

Against all other-worldly neo-platonic, escapism. Firmly rooted, lived-out, in bodied existence, hic et nunc; pointing toward, anticipating, but not passively waiting-for; rather our present, partial, provisional, actualisation, of the will-be in the now.

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